How long does it take for my item to be made?

All our products have a wait of 14 working days to be made. We make multiple items that are custom made, bags, homewares, campers, roll tarps, tarps, selected boat covers, Seatcovers, vests and most custom requests, so please be patient we haven’t missed your order it will be in the process of being made.

Who do we post our products with?

We post all our products with Australia Post. If you would like your products sent with a courier it will be up to you to organise pick up from our store in Tintinara. Sometimes post can be slow, we are in a small country town of Tintinara, South Australia.

Have I chosen the correct fabric number?

We have designed choosing your fabric easier. If you are wanting to pick a fabric check the picture for a number. If you pick the incorrect number we are happy for you to message us and correct it, but if your item is made and you receive it and it was the incorrect fabric due to you choosing the incorrect fabric number, unfortunately you item is not returnable.  

Why can’t we make all Seatcovers with airbags?

Due to airbag compliance laws we can’t make all seatcovers due to not having all seatcovers tested to become airbag compliant. We hope in the future we can make it happen but it is a long and costly process.

For both yourself and us as a business please be 100% sure weather your vehicle has airbags or not as it can affect your insurance and our business.

Where do we buy our fabrics from?

Rachael has worked long and hard to work out where to buy her fabric from but we will not disclose to where we buy them from.

I received my product and it was damaged in transit or I’m not happy with what was made, can I please get a refund?

If it was damaged in transit, we are happy to help resolve the issue between, yourself, Australian Post and us.

If you are unhappy with what was made, and it was purchased from the website and all was correct with the order then it is non-refundable.

If you are unhappy with what was made and it was discussed over Facebook messanger and it is made as per discussion then it also it a non-refundable item.

If you are unhappy with what was made and it wasn’t made per discussion then it is fully refundable or replaceable but the incorrect item will need to be returned.