About Us

Rachael from Country Sew N Sew has been creating made to order products and retailing lines that she loves, from home for 8 years. 
Starting close to her home town, she came to Tintinara SA and brought the business with her. Working for Phil and Sandy at Candy Canvas by day and running her own small enterprise in her ‘spare time’ gives her an added depth of experience, that made it seem like an excellent idea to take over when Phil and Sandy decided to retire. 
By blending her own Country Sew N Sew with the multi-award winning Candy Canvas, Rachael still offers the same great range with fabulous service. Having been established for 20 years, the range has built up to include PVC & canvas bags, Seat Covers, home wares, gift wares and so much more. We are also equipped to create custom-made goods and perform repairs to both PVC and canvas items.