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Looking for a quality custom made items? Welcome to Country Sew N Sew for an extensive range of customised products, homewares, bags, roll tarps, campers, seat covers, vests, selected boat covers, and much more. All our products are made-to-order. Their breathtaking contemporary, as well as classic designs, colour, size and patterns, are the specimen of our precise craftsmanship because we believe that first impression counts.

Our practical customised solution based on your needs and budgets allow you to personalise your dream products. Designed with versatility, exhibiting effortless style with the element of practicality, we encapsulate design, colour, size, pattern as per your budget and specifications.

Why Choose Our Products & Services

Our product designs are inspired by your vision. We give you a wide range of choices with different finishes. We use the best raw material and fabrics for customised pieces. We want your product to look natural. With different configurations, finishes, and style we get very specific as far as creating the right look of your choice is concerned. The result we produce is beyond imagination.

We give repair service to both canvas and PVC items.


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